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KingJoel's Pornstar Reviews
Open minded – Sober – Healthy - Kinky - Ready!

Let's get creative - There are multiple ways to get together
Let's share a meal, go dancing, travel abroad, get naked, make out, get physical....

I'm a professional bodyworker, and I believe in smiles, laughter, conversation and deep connections

Tell me about yourself and your fantasies, I'm easygoing, open-minded and I simply love making dreams come true!

Please don’t hesitate to ask me out.
  • Excellent

    Reviewed by dudeinswfl, 09 Jan, 2019
    Trusted RentMen Client since 15 May, 2015

    Time Spent: 2 hours
    Ambience: Very relaxing
    Are Photos Accurate? Yes they are
    Recommend? Yes, definitely

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Location: San Francisco, CA
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