Cancelation And Refund Policy

If for any reason customers are not satisfied with an order, the service can be canceled, following the conditions described in this policy.

Cancelation conditions and instructions:

If there are technical obstacles for its implementation customers may request cancelation of the service they ordered. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, cancelation may be requested no later than 24 hours after the payment. Cancelation request will not be approved, if the service is already provided, or expired, and no technical problems are reported. In case of a technical problem that prevents the normal provision of the service, the customer must contact the web administration by email and report the problem. If the technical problem cannot be solved, the customer may ask to postpone the service, cancel it, or use the amount paid for another service.

Refund conditions and instructions:

Refund for services can only be requested if cancelation of a service is already confirmed by representative. The customer will receive an email to his affiliated email address, confirming the refund is initiated. Payments via credit/debit card, or prepaid card, are refunded to the same card. For orders paid by Credit Card, the refunded amount will be available to Clients in roughly 10 business days and within their next billing statement. Processing time may vary depending on the Credit Card Issuer. Any differences in the amount refunded are due to exchange rate fluctuations and will not be reimbursed.