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  • Hamburg, Germany

    Trusted Reviews in Client profiles

    Based on feedback from our customers we’ve developed a new feature with the RentMen Trusted Reviews - Clients now have the option to publish their reviews in their own personal RentMen Client Profile.

    With this new option s have the opportunity to read about the Clients experiences with other s and get additional perspective to enhance their time together.

    Of course Clients will have the option to remain anonymous and not post the Reviews in their Profile. This option is available when submitting their Trusted Review. A check box is available in the Review form to submit or not to submit the review to their profile.

  • Hamburg, Germany

    Rent The Men You Watch On Video is excited to announce their partnership with award winning Director/Producer Christian Owen of Male Adult Network (M.A.N.). has teamed up with Christian Owen to create a new niche producing original male on videos and video solo content.

    Mike Dutch of RentMen says: “We’re excited to be working with Christian and leveraging his Directing and Production talent paired with our extraordinary models to bring our customers original one of a kind content where you can “Rent The Men You Watch On Video”.

    “A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures”. Dutch says “This is an exciting opportunity for our customers to see s engaged in one on one hot action and fantasize to see what they would be like engaged with that personally. We’re also developing a forum for our customers to suggest who they would like to see paired in video, thus personalizing the content with their favorite models.” is the only worldwide Male video site – RentMen again is revolutionizing the industry with one of a kind original content that fills the void in this niche.

  • Hamburg, Germany

    Brand new RentMen Mobile

    Together with the introduction of the new Platform, the RentMen, taking the responsibility of a leading male website, launched a brand new Mobile version. In addition to the new beautiful and modern design, the RentMen mobile is optimized in order to give you what you need with just a click. The links are optimized in order to provide shortcuts to the RentMen functionalities. The RentMen Mobile features are now working better and faster. Many of our customers already congratulated the team for the new design and the optimization. We thank you all!

  • Hamburg, Germany now is even better, even faster

    At the end of June, 2015 a special moment for the RentMen team was the launch of a new platform of the site. The RentMen developers created a new version of the site, where the feedback of our customers for the last years was taken into consideration. Being one the worldwide leaders in male communities, now RentMen is better, not just because it is faster. The new platform will provide a lot of new opportunities for the team to create new functionalities and optimize the existing ones.

  • Hamburg, Germany

    RentMen Reviews - Trusted

    Hi guys! The team of is proud to announce the official launch of our newest feature: *** Trusted RentMen Reviews ***
    Read and submit reviews in their profiles or in our review search page ->

    To ensure and maintain the integrity of RentMen Reviews we verify the reviews by communicating with both the Clients and the / Masseurs as required in order to provide you with the most Accurate, Verified reviews.

    We invite you to write Reviews of s you have met.

  • Hamburg, Germany

    RentMen Launching

    Hi Guys!

    the team of is exited to introduce Free for clients! 3 months free for all rentmen s.
    Great and innovative design! All GPS - Location based search.
    Cutting edge mobile app and much more!
    Read more about:

    Thank you all for your support, ideas and contributions!
    And don't forget to check out
    RentMen Team.

  • Seattle, WA >> WebMaster

    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you Daniel. I advertise on a lot of sites and I gotta say that you guys are the best. I love that you actively promote us in lots of ways through the newletters and around the site. I love that you let us list our websites and draw out information through the interviews and do it all on an easy to navigate site. Plus you provide us with tools to see how our ads are doing. How you do that for 40 bucks a month when other sites are charging 100 or more, I don't know but I absolutely love … Read morethat too. I'm just starting to use your other site and I'm loving it too. Keep up the good work and thanks for all that you do to help make us all more successful. All ships rise with the tide.

    Best to you,

    Original message by webmaster on 2014-03-27 21:40:34

    Hello sexy!

    The RentMen Team has selected your recent Blog Post to be featured on the
    RentMen Homepage Blog.

    RentMen is committed to providing you with innovative, creative tools to
    Promote and Feature yourself. Featured homepage Blog Posts bring your
    Profile much more exposure, visibility and traffic.

    We wish you good Business!


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  • Atlanta, GA >> WebMaster

    Rentmen Newsletter Rocks!

    I am perfectly fine (not to mention extremely flattered) with you using me for any promotional use you'd like and/or need.

    As far as the weekly newsletter promo I was featured in; yes it was an extremely generous surprise and is still keeping me extremely busy. It turned out fantastic if i do say so (bravo to your graphics department) Thank you very much for this.

    Please feel free to contact or call me … I'm always happy to help, and work as a team with, those who clearly care and go the extra-mile to keep their customers satisfied. This gesture has definitely not gone unnoticed and I'm very impressed with my service and the personal touch has given me.

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you again soon...

    - Boston Miles

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  • Los Angeles, CA >> WebMaster


    The helpful staff and amazing features have been tremendously patient, polite, assisting, and understanding. My deepest and most sincere gratitude is extended unto everyone at RENTMEN.COM. Daniel especially, being so compassionate and understanding has helped me exponentially more than I can ever give back, especially during my mother's passing in October when my finances were not enough to renew my ad, nor pay for my phone. He graciously extended my membership and I was once again able to get back on my feet. We all struggle and fall, but in this business its is our responsibility to watch out for newer guys, and thusly I do my best to pay it forward.

  • Hamburg, Germany

    Why RentMen? a response to daddies reviews blog

    Hey guys,

    Mike from here. Several of our members contacted us about the positive comments regarding RentMen in this thread and wanted us to take a look and encouraged us to provide an update.

    We can't thank you enough for your supportive words regarding our new format and features and your stated desires that we capture more of this market. I'm writing to let you know that we are aware of the opportunities before us. We've increased our usual print advertising in select markets as the budget allows - and more to the point we've been especially aggressive in the past few months as events in this competitive market niche unfold. Someone in this tread mentioned that we should create a database of prospective s and Masseurs listed on the other two sites and seize these opportunities. We did just that - by making direct contact through email and text messaging over the last month extending membership opportunities. The results have been very positive - new memberships are up by 23.4% this month. And our average growth rate in the last three quarters has been 8.2% monthly which is far more positive than the same three quarters last year. The marketplace is changing steadily, albeit slowly, and we are seeing increased growth monthly. I'm happy to be able to say that we have attracted more of you to RentMen in the last few years, and of course for obvious reasons more recently, along with more than a few high profile memberships too.

    But more importantly we are thankful to all of you that have kept supporting us over the past 5 years - our long term members who count on our business and see the value we provide and the new comers - s and Clients alike. We're thankful to members that left us and have come back and have stayed. And to those that have told us they need to advertise on more than one site to avoid business loss when a sites up time is inconsistent or a sites rules change and its quality and membership experience diminishes. We are more than grateful and count our blessings.

    Without your support we would not have been able to invest in a total revamp of the site and rolled out 2.0 a year ago. We would not have been able to invest in creating RentMen Mobile which launched just 3 months ago and is already attracting 1/3 of the user traffic of our website - check it out on your smartphone or tablet - - it has 100% of the website features and we're proud of it. With your support we've been able to invest in growing our support team of programmers, designers and customer service which is now up to 9 members. Two years ago we invested in having our servers and backups in two locations to minimize the potential of downtime to a few hours rather than days and to keep us ALL in business. All while not increasing our prices and while expanding our services.

    Our promise to you is to remain the value leader with and Masseur membership pricing currently at about 1/3rd of the other two - with more features. For s we offer Free Travel Cities, IOHO the best visual Profile Page with unlimited large pictures and videos. No restrictions on profile text, personal site linking or rate posting. Map Me feature. Our new RentMen Of The Day feature at easily 1/3rd the cost of the others. And as always we offer a link to your DaddysReviews review page from your profile. For all our users we offer an and Client blog, Online Chat (For s, Clients, Customer Service and Webmasters), now over 5,500 original videos, Video Interviews, our free Mobile site, your own personal email address for privacy, we allow our s to interact with our clients members.. and for the clients who don't want to be bothered we offer you a privacy option. All supported by excellent responsive customer service. Dare I say the boy RentMen has grown up to the RentMan he aspired to ;-) !

    We two owners created this business as retired s and entrepreneurs with a vision of providing our community with a viable and hopefully better alternative to the status quo. We will continue to invest the majority of revenue into product and into seeking effective marketing strategies to make more Clients and s aware of and members of Its our passion and pride. Hey who knew we'd be in the top three when we launched so humbly in NYC five years ago. And that is all because of you.

    Thanks for the opportunity and pleasure in communicating our update. And from all of us at RentMen - we sincerely wish you a warm and wonderful Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Warm regards,


  • San Luis Obispo, CA

    Rent Men is Super

    I must admit... I've been on plenty of sites but this is the best. I've met the best men here. The clients I've had are all superior. Well versed, easy going, generous and a lot of fun. Can't beat that. I haven't been able to get together with everyone that's wanted to spend time with me but that's okay. Good things cum to those who wait... AD 10/21/11