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  • Los Angeles, CA

    Monday Suck

    No not, “Monday’s Suck”... Monday Suck. I often have clients looking for good old fashioned head on Mondays. Maybe it’s the weekend pent them up? Maybe they are just getting away from husbands, wives, girlfriends?

    Maybe it’s just a good start to the week?

    Case in point, I just got done sucking off a soon to be regular. This was our second session, his first, he didn’t last much more then 5 minutes. MY BAD! I am too good sometimes. But I evolve and learn and I want to make it a good time so I edged him, and we had a longer session this time which he really enjoyed. And just to rub it in a bit (yes, I get paid for this), he has one of the most “beautiful” “perfect” cocks I’ve seen and had the pleasure to nurse on... SEE FULL STORY AT MY BLOG since Rentmen limits characters:

  • San Francisco, CA

    Thank you to the staff and to the Fans!

    It's my birthday this week and I'm grateful to the staff at Rentmen for providing a platform that allows me and other professionals to meet you, the Fans, in a convenient safe space.

    Thank you to my coworkers out there who provide positive support and to you, the Viewers, who make it possible for me to be here.

  • Philadelphia, PA

    HBG.PA Now.later BOS.MA Fri.9th

    Right Now In Harrisburg Pennsylvania Area Visiting right AVAILABLE NOW, THEN BELOW VISITING 》》 

    State College Pennsylvania Monday 5th October 2015

    Harrisburg Pennsylvania Tuesday 6th October 2015

    Philadelphia/Allentown Pennsylvania 7th Wednesday October 2015


    Check Out My Page For More Details On My Services text or Call Me NO BLOCK OR PRIVATE NUMBERS....725-777-8311 MANISH 

  • Montreal, Quebec

    Thank you all

    Im very happy to be back in montreal I hope my old clients can see this ad and know that I'm back in business if you want a professional massage or just a regular massage or just to chill or to have some wild time text me or call me now 24/7 miss you all lorenzo

  • Leeds, United Kingdom

    Town For Breakfast Then Gym For The Afternoon

    Today I got up early setting off for town to have some breakfast I remembered to put normal pants over my tracksuit bottoms so that I could get in the pub. I went to get a mixed grill with some refillable coffee then I walked around that area for a bit. I stayed in that part of town most of the day again finding some quiet places to do my exercises going to shops getting shakes in between. Sunday it was very good I took some time to think about getting all my Christmas printed adverts paid for soon then I can spend time looking at my profile texts and checking my interview. After 2 o'clock I realized it's time to hit the gym last few hours so I got the bus up to the gym to spend the rest of the afternoon working out I also had a sun bed I bought some alcohol drinks from the shop and stayed at the gym until it closed coming home for the evening.

  • New York City, NY

    im ready when you are.. im one call away

    I give the best massages from head to toe naked if you like i will relieve you of all ypyr stress and satisfie your every need i have a big thick 9 inche D*** and i shoot loads verse and all of your wants and need will be completly satisfied if not then your money back gauranteed. Call or text available on demand 24/7

  • Ottawa, Ontario

    Ass Shots

    People keep asking me for pix of my ass. I'm a top and sending out pix like that I feel gives people the wrong impression. Plus I'd feel like a sissy bitch standing in the mirror taking a selfie like that. Ha Ha.

    Anyway, if you want to see my ass its gunna have to be in person. Why give away the everything and kill the anticipation to see the most perfect muscular ass you will ever see.

  • Ottawa, Ontario

    Ass Shots

    People keep asking me for pix of my ass. I'm a top and sending out pix like that I feel gives people the wrong impression. Plus I'd feel like a sissy bitch standing in the mirror taking a selfie like that. Ha Ha.

    Anyway, if you want to see my ass its gunna have to be in person. Why give away the everything and kill the anticipation to see the most perfect muscular ass you will ever see.

  • Leeds, United Kingdom

    Gym Then Afternoon Customer With A Pub Lunch

    This morning I had to decide what protein I was going to eat before I was setting off I remembered that I had arranged a meeting with a young guy suffering with dyspraxia so at the gym I was aware that I could be receiving a confirmation call. Before lunchtime as arranged I did receive a confirmation call from him to proceed with a booking in the afternoon. I left the gym at half one to come home to change my clothes and clean my room ready for us meeting. He finished work early and I met him in the town center it was a hot day so we just got a drink from the shop had a little walk then got the bus up to my place. We had a really good appointment everything went really well we had 2 solid hours together then after we had finished I walked him back to town and we called into the pub for some dinner. After we had eaten I came home and processed the images from the latest pub lunch. My new pictures are available on my facebook page in my latest album.

  • Leeds, United Kingdom

    Training With Gym Buddy Gym Twice A Day

    Yesterday I met my gym buddy at the gym for a treadmill run we did more than usual I completed 7.45 KM but stopping to do upper body stretches. So in total about 7 KM we worked really hard my gym buddy had to keep stopping for getting chest pains so I encouraged her to slow down. I mainly ran at speed 12 and incline 6. After training with her I got some fish from the fish and chip shop went back for a few hours then went home for a rest then back again in the evening I also had a regular customer call in last night too. This morning I went shopping got loads of meat on offer came home cooked some burgers then went to the gym for 10 AM Training all day nipping out for fish and protein shakes every hour. I had a sun bed then came home had a sleep then walked back up for more having a bath when I got home.

  • Leeds, United Kingdom

    3 Days Blogs Hitting The Gym Working Hard

    I have 3 days of blogs to catch up on so the first day for dinner I went to the pub to order a mixed grill then I took the bus up to the gym. I worked really hard nipping out for protein shakes then an hour later I went to the fish and chip shop and got a piece of fish to eat returning to the gym for another hour. The next day I went to the gym again had fish again from the chip shop with protein shakes worked really hard all day in the gym. Today I met my gym buddy for a treadmill run today I ran 6KM trained for 2 hours on the gym floor had a sun bed then came home. I later went back to the gym to train for another 2 hours. The past 3 days I have hit the gym really hard fully focused and determined. I want to be finished by Christmas so I have 3 months to put in the work then I can move on from it not needing to use it everyday.

  • Leeds, United Kingdom

    Pub For Dinner Then Gym Hardcore All Day

    Today I had my breakfast staying at home doing my exercises. I also grated the dry skin off my feet then I decided to go into town to go to the pub with it being steak Tuesday. Instead of getting a steak I got a mixed grill because they are also reduced on a Tuesday too. I really enjoyed that for breakfast then I took the bus to the gym arriving at about 1 o'clock. I trained hard for 2 hours then I went to the shop for some protein shakes and a bit of a walk. I then went back to the gym to carry on for another hour or so then I decided to go to the fish and chip shop to get a piece of fish on it's own to just eat. I then went back to the gym for my last hour finishing at about 7 it's been good today I have done well. I had a nice long bath tonight to relax myself ready for tomorrows workout session

  • Leeds, United Kingdom

    2 Diary Updates, Gym Unexpected Customer Then Gym

    Yesterday I stayed at home all day missing the gym because I needed to rest myself. I had a high protein diet watching old films whilst doing my exercises at home. Today I went to the gym for about 9AM training hard then I saw an old friend I worked with who has recently joined the gym with her sisters so I was talking with them for ages. Not seen her for a while but she is coming to the gym everyday so I will see them a few times a week now. I had a sunbed then walking home from the gym one of my clients was driving near my house so I talked to him then invited him in. It was an unexpected encounter because he didn't call me first after he had gone I watched a film whilst exercising then I thought I would go back to the gym again so I went back up. After an hour I went for a walk found a pub got a mixed grill then went back to the gym again staying until 7PM early night for me now.

  • Leeds, United Kingdom

    Sun Bed In The Gym Today

    Saturday today so I text some guys in my phone to try get one over I had breakfast then set off for the gym. I wanted a sun bed today because i squeezed all spots on my face so I dry them out in the sun bed then I'm sorted clear of spots. On the way to the gym a guy ran past me jumped over a wall in front of me. His phone went flying out of his pocket as he jumped landing in the bushes so i picked it up. I went in the gym 30 minutes later i got a call on the phone so i told him to collect it from me at the gym. He came to get it then my gym buddy finished her boxing class so i stayed with her for a bit in the reception area. Then I went home checking the shop on the way back got a few reduced lasagnas then stayed at home all afternoon evening.

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