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RentMen Profile & WebpageCreate your RentMen profile page and show the best of you to the RentMen community. Also, receive a unique URL, e.g.,
Photo GalleryUpload your best photos to increase the number of users engaging with your profile.
Video GalleryThis is your video hub. Add videos to your profile and reach to even grater audience.
Travel LocationsYou travel often? Set a travel location and your profile will start showing there up to 90 days in advance, so people will know when and where you will be.
MessengerSend and receive direct messages, audio & video calls, and spice-up the conversation with multimedia. Keep all of your communication in one place and never miss a conversation from RentMen members with the email notifications for new messages.
Premium GalleryAdd photos here that will be visible only for Premium users.
Private GalleryUnlike your public and Premium galleries, the photos in your personal gallery will be visible only to the users you have granted access to.
Top Position in Search ResultsShow your profile at the top of the search results and significantly improve your visibility. Members are more likely to visit a profile from the top results and the homepage.
Featured Ad On The HomepageGold members randomly rotate in the Featured Ads tab on the homepages of their current and travel locations to further improve their visibility. Additionally, their videos are featured on a random basis in the Featured Videos tab on the homepage.
Profile Page Without AdsGet all the attention! As a Gold member, your profile page will be free of RentMen Sponsor ads, unlike the profile page of Basic members. This way the focus stays on you, when someone visits your page.