RentMen Help - FAQ for Pornstar Performers, masseurs and clients

Here you can find answers to many of your questions. Browse the topics below and if you don't find the information you were looking for don't hesitate to contact us! We'd be more than happy to help you out!
  • Why choose
    It’s about the visuals, features, value for money and community. RentMen provides you the best visuals of any Escort and Masseur site including unlimited large-sized pictures and unlimited Escort videos. And, we all know that when looking for the right companion, images make a difference!
    RentMen is successful because it offers you a popular, well known, real-time, easy to use web solution packed with features and with an innovative design. It us where Male Escorts and Masseurs AND Clients can create profiles and meet each other.
    Escorts and Masseurs enjoy added VALUE: monthly memberships with only two tiers include ALL RentMen features and without any costly up charges found on other popular escort sites.
    Clients can search for escorts and masseurs by multiple criteria including when a RentMen member is Online Now or Available Now for hire. Some of the signature features offered by RentMen are:

    ✓ Escort and Masseur Search
    ✓ Online Now status for Escorts, Masseurs and Clients
    ✓ Available Now status for Escorts and Masseurs
    ✓ Free travel listing in 3 cities for Escorts, Masseurs and Clients
    ✓ Looking to Hire Now status for Clients
    ✓ Upload unlimited videos
    ✓ Up to 100 profile pictures
    ✓ Private Photo Gallery
    ✓ Watch unlimited videos
    ✓ Visual Profiles for Escorts and Masseurs
    ✓ Find Me on the map search
    ✓ Client search and contact information available to Escorts and Masseurs
    ✓ Who Saw Me, a real-time statistic
    ✓ Buddy List for bookmarking your favorite Escorts, Masseurs and Clients
    ✓ Personal Email Inbox via [email protected]
    ✓ My Availability feature, a real-time availability setting
  • Why signup as a Client on
    For starters, RentMen is 100% free to browse. You can search for escorts and masseurs, view their profiles and videos, and contact them all without creating a client profile. Everyone can browse the site without having to sign up or pay. However, to advertise on RentMen as an Escort or Masseur, you would need to sign up and create a profile.
    Client signup is a recommended feature: it is free, and it provides you with a personal client profile where escorts can find out more about your preferences, stats and requirements. Also, escorts can search and cruise client profiles and reach out to you when they are coming to your area or if they find your profile interesting and want to meet you.
    A Client Profile offers you many RentMen features such as:

    ● the use of an internal email system
    ● ability to watch Premium Escort and Masseur videos
    ● upload photos and/or videos of yourself
    ● bookmark favorite escorts and their videos
    ● use the Who Saw Me / Who Did I See features

    As a registered member you are in control of your data as we offer you full management of your privacy settings including being able to communicate with the escorts through your personal RentMen mailbox and without the need to give out your personal email address or phone number.
  • How to search for Male Escorts, Masseurs or Clients?
    Search for Escorts, Masseurs and Clients is a core feature on Click on the Search tab (top left on the page) and a search page will load with default results. The most important search attribute is your LOCATION. At the top right of the page, click the box “All Locations” for a drop-down list of available locations.

    You may also enter a location name for a quick find: for example, type NYC in the Search location window and a list of location matching NY will appear. Click on the location you want to search and you will be forwarded to the New York City Escort, Masseur or Client Search results pages.

    You can also refine the Search by selecting or changing the attributes on the filter bar to the right of the search results. For more information, watch the “How to use the Search” video tutorial listed at the right of this page.

    You may also search by clicking the “Near Me” tab on the top menu. This will use your GPS coordinates to automatically detect the guys located close by.
  • Do I need to signup to contact escorts and masseurs?
    NO, we do NOT require that you sign up or create a profile, you can browse Rent.Men fully anonymously. To contact a Rent.Men member, click on his profile and click on the "Contact" or "Contact Me" tabs located on all profiles.

    To view his phone number, in the Contact Me page, click on "Call me now!" and his phone numbers will appear in a popup window.

    If you wish to send him an email just click on "Email me!" in the Contact Me page and enter your message in the popup window.
  • Your personal e-mail address [email protected]
    Get your free RentMen email address, [email protected], to send and receive emails from clients, escorts and masseurs. Use your RentMen mailbox any way you want. Besides your personal RentMen webpage, RentMen/MyName, the inbox is a key communication feature offered to our members. Below are basic questions about your RentMen mailbox.

    Can I receive emails from email addresses external to RentMen?
    Yes, your [email protected] email is reachable from any external email account. You can receive and send emails from any email address.

    Can I get all my messages forwarded to my personal mailbox?
    Yes, all the messages sent to your account can be forwarded to your personal email address without the sender seeing your personal email address.
  • Account and Payments
    This is where you view and manage:

    1. Membership Details
    2. Manage your Account
    3. Payment Details.

    Membership Details - displays Your Profile Status (online and active or deactivated), your Next Billing Date, the Amount of the membership you have chosen and your Plan Type.

    Manage Account - this is where you can upgrade your membership, cancel your recurring billing option, add credit card infomation or delete your Profile.

    Payment Details - shows your billing currency and the payment details of your credit card or bank debit card. This is also where you change your payment method and card details or banking details.
  • View My Messages
    Check and manage your email account here - Inbox, Sent, Archive, Spam and Deleted folders are managed in this area. Sort your email folders by date, sender and subject. Also the delete and undelete your emails and Report Spam options are located here.
  • Edit My Pictures
    Manage your pictures here. At any time you can Add, Remove, Sort and Label the Picture Type for each of your pictures. The higher quality your pictures are the better your visibility is. Quality pictures WORK for you.

    Your pictures are located in two types of Galleries – Public and Private. Public gallery photo is visible to anyone. Private galleries are two types: Semi-Private gallery (visible to all Platinum Client members) and Full Private Gallery (available only for GOLD plan) is limited only to those to whom you give access.
  • Edit My Videos
    Your complete Video control panel. There are multiple options here that make managing your videos simple. Below are all your options:

    - View your Video’s rating and number of views
    - Title your video - a few descriptive words of what the video is about
    - Describe your video -make it personal and let them know what you’re thinking!
  • My Settings Features
    Personal Stats
    To update your Personal Stats click on ‘My Settings’ and then click on the large tab ‘Profile Stats’ to edit:
    - Your physique and appearance (Height, weight, eyes, body type, etc)
    - Massage Types - if you offer massage services choose the types of massage your offer.

    Profile Text
    Less is not more with Profile Text - people respond to more personalized, descriptive text.
    If you need to edit your profile text click on ‘My Settings’ and then ‘About Me’. Use these text fields to give your Escort or Masseur profile a more personal look and feel. Make sure you include your professional skills and experience, likes and interests, personal information and interests or any other topic about you that might be attractive to your clients. Make it fun and friendly.

    Keep in mind that we do not allow any sexual content. RentMen admin will notify you to change your text if it is inappropriate. Inappropriate text is in violation of our Terms and Conditions.

    Edit Login Details
    Here is where you change your Login details, update your Username, Password, Profile Metro Location, Your Personal Website URL and Contact Information (Email address and Phone number).

    Click on ‘My Settings’ and then click on ‘Basic Info’. Enter in the information you want to change and click on ‘SAVE’ to submit your changes. RentMen will NEVER share your personal information with anyone. NOTE: phone numbers are protected against search engines and spam bots!

    Edit Travel Locations
    RentMen gives you the opportunity to advertise in advance in cities that you plan to visit - for FREE.

    By specifying a travel location your advertisement will be visible to clients in up to 3 additional metro areas for the period of up to 1 month in advance. Advertise in up to 3 Travel City Locations at a time and advertise up to 30 days in advance in each city.If the travel location distance from your home location is less then 250km/250mile you can set this location as “near travel” without the need to set any specific dates.

    Update your Travel Locations in 3 easy steps:
    1. Choose the metro location by clicking the red box in the drop down menu.

    2. Then choose ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates by clicking on the calendar icons - starting with tomorrows date and forward enter the date you arrive in that metro and the date you plan to depart. If the travel location is close to your home location (Near travel), you do not need to set any dates.

    3. To remove and/or change a travel location simply click the X in the ‘Clear’ column on the far right. Now refer to step 1 and continue updating your locations.

    Privacy Settings
    RentMen allows you to control your privacy and control who sees your personal information using Privacy Settings. You can even hide your profile! Below are the Privacy Settings available to you:

    - Control your Email: You are sent a copy of each RentMen Email to your personal Email address. Your e-mail default is set to "SEND NOTIFICATION". You will receive a message only when there is a new e-mail in your RentMen mailbox. "STOP NOTIFICATION" Choose this privacy setting to protect your privacy from spam e-mails and to disable the access to your personal e-mail address. You can get a full copy of your message forwarded to your personal email address by selecting the option “SEND A FULL COPY”

    - Control your Profile Visibility: Are you taking a vacation or out of town and want to hide your ad for awhile? You can make your Profile visible for searches for: 1. Everybody, 2. Nobody (Invisible). The search visibility default is set to "EVERYBODY" - all RentMen visitors can search and find your ad.

    - Contol RentMen Business Email we send you. We send important Account and Billing updates, Business updates, special deals, promotions and news to your e-mail address. You can choose 1. Once a week 2. Once a month or 3. No don’t bother me. We don't recommend changing the "DON'T BOTHER ME" option because you may miss an important update or promotion deal for videos, free membership or a critical Account Notification.

    - Control the 'Who Saw Me' and "Who I Saw' feature. This cool feature allows Escorts and Clients to see if you have checked them out. You can choose: 1. Yes - Track Me or 2. No - Don’t Track Me. The deflaut settings allows all members to see if you have opened their profile. If you wish to stay anonymous while browsing the site just change this setting to "No - Don’t Track Me "

    - Control your Blocked Users feature. Click the box to view all your blocked users and unblock them as you desire. The users you block will not be able to see your profile or contact you using RentMen features.
  • Private Photo Gallery for Escorts and Clients
    Introducing Private and Semi-Private Photo Gallery feature for our clients, escorts and masseurs.

    Recently we have received multiple requests form our members to add this important privacy feature. Well It is live now! If you have RentMen profile go here to check it out. Because is accessible for all internet users (membership and signup are not required to view escort and masseur) we have chosen to give two choices on how to unlock and view private gallery of a RentMen member:

    1. Option - ask the owner of the profile via e-mail, call, sms to send you his private gallery unlock code.

    2. Option - internal unlock request (works only between registered website members). Once your unlock request is approved by the gallery owner you will have a permanent access to his private photos.

    In addition to the above feature we have included the so called 'semi private gallery". Below short description of its features:

    1. Semi-Private Photos have a small blurry thumbnail of the original photo. It is blurred enough to protect faces and makes impossible to recognize who is the person hidden behind the blurred image. At the same time Semi-Private photos will provide enough information to determine the type of photo shot. Why is this important? Imagine you are the escort who has a face pic in your private gallery. A client opens your profile and he is interested to see your face, which is not shown in your public pix. But in the private gallery preview a blurred face photo is visible. Now he knows what he will get if he asks you unlock your private gallery for him. Premium Client Members have instant access to all semi-private galleries.

    2. Full-Private Gallery (only available for GOLD members) - The photo previews in your profile are replaced with a lock picture and no information on what the content of the private photos may be.

    Private Gallery Code – Private gallery code is the password to your private galleries (semi or full private). The code is available in your Private Gallery. In order to see OR change the code, click “CHANGE UNLOCK CODE”.
  • Male Escort and Masseur Videos is the first and only Escort and Masseur website that offers Original Escort and Masseur Videos. Videos are worth a thousand photos! Some video content is restricted and only available to Premium Clients.

    Video Interviews and Video Introductions provide Escort and Masseur prospective companions a preview of how they talk, move, look and act. The simple benefit for our members and visitors is it provides visual information to the viewer - so visitors make a better decision for companionship before they call or email!
  • Using RentMen’s Video Upload tool
    Uploading your pre-recorded video with Drag and Drop option:

    In order to upload a video to your profile, you need to go to here. Simply drag your video file and drop it on the gray "UPLOAD VIDEOS" icon in the video upload page. You also can click “Upload Videos” and browse, then find the video you want to upload in your file directory and click on the video file. Video upload will start automatically. Please wait until the video is uploaded to our server. The maximum video size is 1GB; the minimum length is 15 seconds. Accepted formats are .AVI, .WMV, .MOV, .MP4, .MKV, .MPG, .M4V, .FLV, .DIVX, .3G*, .MPEG. While the video is uploading to the site the screen displays the % of the video upload completed and “Processing” – this shows you the video is uploading successfully!

    All the videos are subject to review by the RentMen admin. If we find your video as inappropriate we have the right to delete it.

    Our servers accepts the following video formats: AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, FLV, MP4. This is the file extension on the name of the video – ex: myhotvid.wmv Go to your profile, click on ‘My Videos’ in your profile list of options. The ‘Upload Videos’ dialogue box appears. Click on the ‘Browse’ button, You are brought back to the ‘Upload Video’ location in your RentMen profile. The video file location script will appear in the ‘Upload Video’ dialogue box to the left of the ‘Browse button. Now click on the ‘Upload Video’ button to the right of the ‘Browse’ button.

    When the upload is completed a message appears below the ‘Upload Video” section that says “Your video was uploaded successfully! It will appear in your ‘My Videos’ folder shortly.” Now look below this message to see your video in your profile! Now click the ‘Submit’ button and you’re done! Your video will appear in your profile and in RentMen Videos after it is reviewed and approved by your local RentMen Webmaster.
  • Question - Why can't I play your videos?
    Streaming movies require that you have nothing on your computer or network that interferes with the communications between our streaming servers and your computer. The following can cause blockage of these transmissions and therefore the inability to play streaming movies: Corporate networks Hotel networks Badly configured home router, like a wireless network or comuter/device firewall restrictions.
  • How can I download videos from
    Many of our video contributors do not want to have their videos downloaded locally. Therefore we did not include this feature on the website.
  • Escorts - How to get maximum exposure?
    1. POST CLEAR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF YOURSELF - The better your photos, the more likely you are to get responses to your ad. Be sure your photos are clear and recently taken. If you do not have high quality photos, it is worth the investment to have some taken. You can upload up to 100 photos and unlimited videos in your Account page after logging in.

    2. PROVIDE AN ACCURATE AND COMPLETE DESCRIPTION - Provide as much detail as possible about yourself so that visitors can determine whether or not you're right for them.

    3. LOGIN TO THE OFTEN - Ads for escorts who are online now are sorted to the top of the list! By logging in often, you increase your chances of being seen. Plus, videos in your profile will increase your ad position.

    4. CHECK YOUR EMAIL OFTEN - Many clients prefer to contact you by email. Be sure to check your email regularly throughout the day to ensure that you can respond to a client's request in a timely manner.

    5. ASK CLIENTS TO SUBMIT A REVIEW ABOUT - Potential clients are more comfortable knowing that you have a proven track record. Ask your clients to review you on RentMen. Having solid reviews is one of the best ways to attract new visitors.

    6. GET FEATURED AS RENT MAN OF THE DAY - Members get significantly more exposure on the site, which results in a lot more business for you! RENT MAN OF THE DAY Benefits Include:
    - ad sorted to top of list above all other listings
    - ad rotates on all major pages
    - ad exposure on all search results pages in your home and travel cities.
    Click Here to SIGNUP for a RENT MAN OF THE DAY.

    7. Try out Platinum Boost – if you wish to be on the top of the search page of your location we highly recommend you a Platinum Boost. It can be ordered at any time for specific number of hours or days. Platinum Boost is not a membership plan. It doesn’t matter if you are basic or gold member you can boost your ad on the top by ordering from here.
  • Buddy List
    A buddy List is another name for your friends list on Have you made contact with a Client or Escort and want to access their profile on easily in the future? Then add them to your Buddy List! You can add Escort, Masseur or Client profiles to your Buddy List easily by clicking “Buddy List Me” located at the top of their profile text.

    To access your Buddy List click on the icon ‘My Buddies’ in the Navigation Bar. Below the picture of each of your Buddies are 4 icons to make it easy to:
    1. Click to View Profile;
    2. Send Email to your Buddy;
    3. Remove your buddy from your list – hover on the buddy thumbnail and click the Recycle icon to remove him from the list.
  • Reporting Email Spam, Scams, Fraud or Abuse makes it easy to report email Scammers and Frauds to the Webmaster. Scams and Fraud is common - so if you receive an email that you suspect or know is from someone who is trying to scam you or commit fraud you can send the email to the Webmaster to review to take appropriate action.

    To report to the Webmaster: When the email is open in your Inbox simply click on ‘Report Abuse’ at the top or bottom of the email. A pop up box appears where you choose an option: ‘Scam or Fraud’ or ‘Abuse or Offense’ or ‘Other’. Choose one or more and then enter descriptive detail for the Webmaster to review. We will then get back to you with the results of our review. We’re here to help - we take an active approach to keeping our community free of these types of abuse.

    What is a Scam / Scammer?

    Scams are dishonest people who want your money, your identity or want to trick you out of something of value. Scams come from Clients and Escorts. Scams come in many forms. Make sure you trust the person asking you for domestic or international travel. NEVER send money in advance to someone you have not met and NEVER provide your personal, private banking information to anyone. If it is too good to be true it usually is. doesn’t have any responsibility of the RentMen users actions.

    Below is a very typical example of a Client Scam Email:

    "Hello, How are you doing Man? Its Martin Here from London, Though im a Canadian But presently working in London,im 42yr old. I'm a Gay and i will need you on my Business Trip To Africa/Nigeria on the 15th of April. We are visiting Africa for 7days, i need someone who is decent,trustworthy and secretive just to protect my Name and personalty. Keeping me warm and massaging me is all i need from you. 2,000 Pounds is what im willing to offer you per day, this should hit you at a high And Upfront will be made available to you even before you leave your country..Okay? All Necessary documents will be arranged for you, so feel free to get back to me only if you are interested and willing to go with me. Cant wait to read back from you .
    Engineer Martin Bilo"
  • Email Verification
    On RentMen 2.0 we require that you verify your email address while you are registering a new profile or updating an existing one. Communication between members and Webmaster to member communication via e-mail is a key feature on

    We verify your email address to make sure you did not misspell it and that it is a valid email address. RentMen Webmasters and all RentMen members need to communicate with each other so your email address is critical. We also need to send you your billing confirmations and updates and so you can get important RentMen promotions and news.

    When you register you will receive the email below along with information on how to proceed if the link is not working. Please follow the directions carefully and if you have any problems send us your questions / issues to [email protected].

    A sample Verification Email you will receive is below:
    "Hello testerrrr,
    Please complete your registration by clicking the link: or login at with the login information provided below: username: testerrrr password: XXXXXX"

    You didn’t receive our confirmation email?

    Please check your SPAM or Junk Mail folders.
    We recommend using a major public e-mail provider like GMAIL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL, AOL.

    Because many Internet Service Providers and individual email programs have filters in place to help control the emails you receive, please make sure that you designate Allstate as a trusted source. You can do this by simply adding [email protected] to your address book, contact list or safe list.
  • Escort and Masseur Ads on
    Escorts and Masseurs are welcome to create profile online by going to:

    Interested in advertising your website or business on We allow non competitor websites to list banners and video ads on

    Banners – Grab ours – Place yours

    We would love you to grab our banners and place them on your personal websites or anywhere you choose to on the Net! Simply go to RentMen’s 'About' page and click on 'Banners'. Choose the banner design and size your need. Click on the banner, copy the code that appear and paste it where you want it to appear. It is that easy!

    Pricing for Escort and Masseur Profiles - RentMen Price

    RentMen Clients

    Client Profiles are FREE – They allow you to be reached via email by Escorts and Masseurs that are or will be in your area! Premium Client Profile is paid. It enables clients and site members to watch all premium escort and masseur videos. Premium client is a verified client. RentMen Escorts and masseurs prefer to get in touch with Premium RentMen clients.

    Escort and Masseur Memberships

    Monthly pricing and membership options are presented here.
  • RentMen Mobile
    For all mobile phone RentMen users we have designed a specific mobile web-based app (no download need). It is a lighter version of the main site suitable of iOS and Android devices. It has all the features of the regular site capability to search members "near you" using the GPS capabilities of your mobile device. Simply go to with a mobile device and see how it works!
  • RentMen App - iPhone App installation tips
    RentMen App is available for install. Follow the steps on how to Install RentMen App on your iPhone:

    1. open with safari browser on your iPhone.
    2. hit the "forward icon" located at the footer of the browser
    3. a popup will appear and in the middle of it is the red devil icon with text "Ad to home screen".
    4. hit this icon and RentMen app will be installed on your iPhone's home screen.
    5. next time you would like to use RentMen mobile, just launch the app directly from your phone home screen.

    I'm traveling...can I post my travel ad in another city?

    Yes, and there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! By posting your travel ad, your ad will showing up in both your home and travel cities. We offer up to 3 FREE travel locations.
  • RentMan Of The Day
    Want more visitors? Get featured! Be 'The RentMan of The Day'. Your ad will be on all major pages.

    Being the most valuable advertising spot for escorts and masseurs on we decided to offer this feature for purchase.

    RentMen of the day gets your ad in the top of search results in the Number One Position If you are interested to be the RentMan of the day click here to find further information about advertising regions and pricing.
  • Featured Video
    Impress your clients! Feature your hot video on! Featured 'Video of the Day' will increase your RentMen Ad visibility. It will bring you more business and profile visits! A Video of your choice will be featured on the home page and all main pages of You can adjust the advertising period between 12 - 48 hours and select multiple geographic regions. Select Featured Video option, choose a region and and get the exposure you deserve.
  • Escorts Sponsors of
    We call sponsors all loyal to escorts who has supported us since the very beginning of! Now we have opened this advertising spot to all escorts who would like to support the RentMen idea: A better and affordable place for the escorts and clients!

    Sponsors area offers:

    Top Visibility for your profile. Special treatment from our members and clients as a RentMen Sponsor.
    Sponsor ads are listed inside right of all basic escort and client profiles Your photo will be all major RentMen pages! Click here to reserve an advertising spot.
  • Information privacy, data privacy
    Privacy concerns exist wherever personally identifiable information is collected and stored in digital form or otherwise.

    We will not market or promote the sale of your personal information to any individual or organization.

    All website payments are processed via 256 Bit encrypted SSL connection between your browser and our merchant billing provider.

    We do not store credit card information on our servers. Safeguarding and protecting your privacy is our fundamental responsibility.
  • How do I find my Private Gallery Password?
    If you are a Registered Member when you open RentMen you are brought to your Dashboard. The 5th tab at the top of your Dashboard is the Photos tab. Click on Photos and when there you will see 'Public Gallery' and 'Private Gallery'. Click on Private Gallery and then click on “CHANGE UNLOCK CODE” to open it.

    When you open your Private Gallery Password you can change the password to something you can remember or you can keep the password the system provides you.

    Another way to find the Photo's Tab is click on 'My Account' then click on 'My Photos' which is two tabs to the right.
  • Contacting the RentMen Support Team
    It is easy to contact the RentMen Webmaster.
    Per your location please email and/or call us, we are here to help you!

    Questions? Contact us now, we will be happy to assist you.

    Phone operator is available in business hours weekly according to Central European Time.
  • Reviews - Terms and conditions
    Escort and Masseur Reviews Terms and Conditions:

    We welcome your Escort Review submissions, which aim is to present the Clients opinion of their personal experience with the Escorts. The RentMen reviews are star rating feature, where texts are not allowed. The Client is invited to evaluate his experience with stars (1 to 5, where 1 is disappointed and 5 - extremely satisfied), but also indicate other relevant information, as ambience, time spent, picture accuracy. Clients also can share information with the RentMen Webmaster and report the Escort for terms and conditions violated.

    Escort Reviews are welcomed no later then two weeks after the meeting. Our verification process usually takes between 48 to 72 hours or more depending on the timing of communication.

    As we build our Review content for each Escort we may decide to withhold an unfavorable review and publish it later when the Escort has more reviews to provide the reader a more balanced, objective perspective.

    If you did not meet the Escort no matter the circumstance the Review will not be approved. Since the Reviews are subject of approval, RentMen webadmin has the right to reject a review if there is no evidence for communication between the Escort and the Client via the website.

    Unresolved Review:
    An unfavorable review that RentMen Administration is in process of confirming its accuracy between both the Client and Escort.