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  • Washington, DC


    Guys I am really enjoying the comment I am getting from the vids. Like guys who hav not heard my voice (cause no one calls these days with texting and emailing). Enjoying showing off my big cock in motion. Trying to get a client or two to make a vid with me and would love to make some with other s if anyone is so daring. Cant believe waited this long to post vids! IF U R EVER IN THE TAMPA BAY /ORLANDO AREA OR EVER GET DOWN TOWARD NAPLES/FT MYERS i WOULD LOVE TO SHOW it to you live and in person! MIKEY

  • Chicago, IL

    Hey guys!

    Hey guys! It's Greg :) I'll be heading to Minneapolis! I'm looking forward to meeting y'all during my short but should be fun stay. Any suggestions on good coffee shops that aren't Starbucks or Caribou?

  • Orlando, FL >> HairyMuscleDaddy

    Beta Version

    I have always liked the rentmen site and was one of the 1st to be listed at its inception. I think some revamping was necessary but the new BETA version is way too 'busy' i think just some renovation to the old site would be better but that's just my opinion. I have asked some of my clients to take a look at it and it does seem to be the general consensus. I for one would like nothing better than to see Rentmen surpass ******* in all ways but, again, the new version is just has too much in your face rather then simple. Plus i though that s would finally be able to review clients on here but don't see that option. This needs to be done on some site soon. Clients have always been able to review s all along and its only fair for the to review clients and also warn others about supposed clients that waste s time or are not respectful etc.....

  • San Luis Obispo, CA

    Rent Men is Super

    I must admit... I've been on plenty of sites but this is the best. I've met the best men here. The clients I've had are all superior. Well versed, easy going, generous and a lot of fun. Can't beat that. I haven't been able to get together with everyone that's wanted to spend time with me but that's okay. Good things cum to those who wait... AD 10/21/11