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About The Featured Ads
The Featured Ads on the RentMen Home page are not hand picked by anyone on our team. They are randomly rotating Gold Pornstars.
In case that there are too many Gold Pornstars in a location, because of the random principles of listing the Ads there, it may take a while until you see your profile there (in case it complies with the criteria).
Please note that we can't make your Ad appear there manually. It is a randomly generated list.
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About The Reviews
With RentMen Trusted Pornstar Reviews™ you can submit a review or read the reviews by other Clients.
To ensure and maintain the integrity of Advertiser Reviews we verify the validity of the profiles of the Client and the Pornstar
Featured Pornstar Review
We at RentMen do not handpick any of the reviews. The Featured review is generated by our system automatically.
About The Interviews
With the Pornstar Interviews the Clients have the opportunity to learn a little bit more about their favorite Pornstars. It's also a great way for the Pornstars to show up who they are.
We at RentMen do not interview the Pornstars personally. The Pornstars have a preset of questions in the web site they chose to give answers to and after a certain amount of questions has been answered, the Interviews become visible.
Featured Pornstar Interview
The Exclusive Pornstar Interview is automatically generated by the system based on certain criteria and it's not handpicked by the RentMen team.
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About RentMen Featured Ads
We at RentMen do not handpick any of the featured ads. They are all generated by our system automatically.