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therealmike's Pornstar Interview

My Pornstar Interview
Hi I'm Mike.
Intelligent, outgoing and well traveled. I provide exclusive service and discreet companionship, here to explore your fantasies. I am very good at what I do and very clean (hygiene is very important to me)and STD free. 
Professional dancer and health focused guy. enjoy my weekends. Very open minded and love to have fun. Attractive/smart/charming/caring/ take control or sit back for the ride personality
available 24/t Host or travel .
for an experience you'll never forget call
Q: What kind of diet and fitness regime do you follow?

A: Well I'm a professional ballet dancer so I am always on a rather strict diet. No carbs! No sugar! Basically anything that tastes good I'm not allowed. I work out every morning and train a couple of hours a day.

Q: What are your lifestyle specifics that makes who you are?

A: Healthy living. except everyone for who they are...NOT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO BE. I always have to have a shower before bed

Q: How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or are you more of a homebody?

A: I'm very much a my home. Nothing better then being snuggled up on the couch with my little Scottish terrier. (Lady Blair) and a glass of wine and a movie

Q: What should others absolutely know about you?

A: I can't stand rudeness

Q: What do you enjoy most about yourself?

A: I always managed to see the good in people

Q: What are 5 things you can’t live without?

A: Music, my phone, my dog, chocolate and good red wine


Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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