Membership Gift
Send a Membership Gift

You can gift one, two or twelve months of membership to any Pornstar you like.
Upon successful payment if you are registered and logged in RentMen Client you will also receive a Free Premium Client Membership for the selected period!
Note that Pornstars can't send Membership Gift to other Pornstars or to themselves.

The process is very simple with just 3 easy steps. You can find short description below.


First find the profile page of your favorite Pornstar. On the bottom right side you will see a Gift box. By clicking on the "Send a Gift" button you will get forwarded to his Gift page.

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You can send a message to the Pornstar to make the Gift more personal, but this is optional.
If you like to, you can chose to make this Membership Gift anonymous. In this case we won't send the Pornstar any personal information about yourself and your identity will remain hidden.

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Next you will have to choose the period and the membership type you would like to pay for. If the Pornstar is currently a Gold Member you will not have the option to choose a Basic Plan.

You will also receive Premium Client Membership for the period you choose to Gift the Pornstar!

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Lastly you will have to choose your payment method. If you already have added payment method and you are a logged in user, you will see your payment information ready to confirm. Alternatively if you want to use different credit card you will have the opportunity to change it on place.

We take privacy very seriously and we won't share your information with anyone!

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