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General Information does not create nor produce any of the content listed on any of our advertisements. All advertisers and advertisements are subject to strict compliance with our age verification and content review polices. Minors are absolutely prohibited as website advertisers, and no images depicting explicit genital nudity or sexual activity are permitted on any advertisements. Advertising any illegal service is strictly prohibited. routinely utilizes a variety of verification methods including database checks, photo reviews, age certifications, and actual review of government-issued ID's, in appropriate circumstances. has a zero tolerance policy for child pornography, and we voluntarily cooperate with state and federal law enforcement agencies in connection with criminal investigations. In the event that you have knowledge that any advertiser on the site is under the age of 18, we urge you to immediately contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at, or by calling: (800) 843-5678.

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Independent advertisers are the sole source of all ads appearing on our website. These advertisers are solely responsible for producing ad content including, without limitation, all text and images. We permit advertisers to post ads for informational and educational purposes only. does not control, validate, supervise, confirm, investigate, authenticate or endorse any of the content, information, materials, communications or statements posted by advertisers on our website. Furthermore, we assume no responsibility or liability for any user-submitted content, including, without limitation, the accuracy, completeness, or truthfulness of the ads. We recommend that you use common sense when interacting with any third party found through advertisements.

Please note that is not an escort agency, and we do not make referrals to advertisers or service providers. We do not endorse, nor are we affiliated with, any of the advertisers. We do not provide any additional contact information for advertisers, beyond that which is found on ads. Any contact with advertisers should be initiated through the information included in the ads. Your decision to use the content of ads to contact our advertisers is done knowingly, voluntarily, and at your sole discretion. You assume all risks regarding interaction with advertisers or other users of

Other may be promoted by third party affiliate marketers who are not employed or controlled by us. While the promotional activities of affiliates are subject to certain contractual restrictions, we do not directly control or endorse these activities, and disclaim any and all liability associated with affiliate marketing activities. enforces a strict anti-spam policy, and prohibits unsolicited commercial bulk email or unsolicited text messages.

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