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My Pornstar Interview
Your age don't fool me, boy. Treat your sweet ass to deep Daddy love, epic eroticism, & transformational intimacy for your sexual self-actualization, son.

Good looks are everywhere. Good lovers aren't. Don't need hot looks 2B hot AF, babe. I'll show you how.

Sex Coach Master here w/ hella experience & sweaty sweet shagitude, fucking to forge liberated lovers w/ super sex savvy like:
⭐️Get outta heads + into bodies
⭐️Fulfill freaky fantasies & flawless groups
⭐️Tantalize w/ touch
⭐️Tune-in 2 turn-up turn-ons
⭐️Electric verbal
⭐️Explosive excitement
⭐️Lovers left awestruck & craving
⭐️Passionate, uninhibited, animalistic, confident, charismatic, clever, intuitive, disarming, shameless, empowered
🔥Plus learning is LOADS💦 of FUCKING FUN, pup! Literally ;-)

🌐www.intimateabundance.com/rm for more info, including:
✅Satisfaction Guarantee
🆓FREE phone consult


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Q: Tell us a little about yourself, if you were to pick something what would you like others to absolutely know about you?

A: I'm hotter in-person than my pics, they say. Sexy = Attitude + Skills that I share & teach. I am a confident, caring, wise Daddy AND a uniquely playful, loving, & fun boy.

I'm authentic & mature with an open mind & empathetic, intuitive, direct communication style. I’m respectfully clear on my few boundaries & will NEVER yuck your yum. I offer a legit satisfaction guarantee.

Other pornstars can have a bad relationship with this work - immature, inexperienced, arrogant, shallow, &/or entitled. Plus unclear boundaries & bad communication skills often means lousy, lackluster service.

But I chose this as a profession with passion because sexual healing & liberation is my calling. Blissed-out post-coital dazed gazes are my reward. I am a life-long learner improving my sexytime skills. I'm highly trained coach & educated including a masters in psychology.

I have decades of life experience with 5+ years traveling across 60+ countries, inspired by more sex-positive cultures. My awkward adolescence gave me humility & understanding and pushed me to develop warmth, charm, & kindness.

Book a free phone consultation to see how we vibe: https://intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What kind of diet and fitness regimen do you follow?

A: I take a holistic approach to self-care across body, mind, heart, & eros to develop my physical, mental, relational, emotional, & erotic wellness & wisdom.

My insatiable curiosity fuels intellect, learning, sharing, reading, listening, watching, researching, & training. I meditate, reflect, & ponder alone, in therapy, & with tribe. I conjure courage to embrace mistakes in the journey to becoming better - in bed & out.

My thirst for vitality fuels yoga, biking, dancing, walking, hiking. Plus the usual strut, cardio-sweaty-fuck, gym-titty-pump, & squats on your cute face. My diet is under constant improvement.

I'm committed to staying in good shape, and to loving my body even if disease or fate gets in the way. Fostering self-love, self-compassion, & confidence starts with the conversations I have with myself & others. I choose friends, influences, & media that foster love & empathy - not judgment nor shame. I neutralize or avoid the confidence-killers, the judgy queens, & the shallow shit-shows.

I can help you acquire habits for good health & fitness in all these areas. Ask me about coaching in a free intro call you can book here: https://intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: How do you go the 'Extra Mile' in your life?

A: -I go through every measure to bring you wild pleasure, Satisfaction Guaranteed: details @ www.intimateabundance.com/rm
-A free phone conversation helps to predict chemistry better than just pics, vids, & text. We can get acquainted, discuss details, & answer your questions to decide the next step. Book it @ www.intimateabundance.com/rm
-Superstar sexytime talents from advanced education & life experience
-Experienced to intuit (& sometimes ask) to find your hottest turn-ons
-Arousing coaching to uplevel your eroticism & our experience
-I set the mood for sexytime w/ warm hues of luz, sexy gear & attire, horny-ass tunes, porn galore, & a big ole kinkchest. Mobile by request.
-You WILL feel my authentic desire, care, warmth, wood, maturity, strength, & softness
-I WILL find your favorite flavor of hot verbal, even if it's on 'mute'
-FREE, first-hand, scientifically validated wisdom on How to Select Your Pornstar: www.intimateabundance.com/select
-I can find the sexy in nearly anyone, with a doting tongue to lift you up (thru your butthole).
-VIP regulars get bonus boner time, priority scheduling, expanded availability, & more. Ask for deets.
-More at www.intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What would you like your readers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?

A: My adolescence was hella awkward, but I'm grateful for this "Ugly Duckling" phase. Since I found myself at the lowest social strata no matter how I tried to fit in, I stopped early & chose an alternative trend.

My goth apparel mocked the social fabric & aspirations of fellow students causing outrage. I still marvel at the superficiality of others.

This humbling time taught me to see beauty & judge others based on qualities beyond appearances. Like personality & values. I'm hot for a man who LIVED with the dents & scars to prove it. I learned to not give a fuck about the opinions of those who haven't earned the privilege and to choose friends & influences wisely. I had to develop charm, warmth, & wit to attract friends because my scrawny, awkward bod, goofy looks, & social status didn't.

It gave me empathy for those who struggle to fit in, to be “normal.” But "normal" is a setting on your dryer, silly boy. Your quirks are what make you exceptional. Outstanding when you embrace them. I certainly will. Let your freak flag fly!

I coach for confidence & more, between all the pleasure. Let me tell you more on the phone. Book a free call at http://intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What is your specialty?

A: My erotic menu is expansive from passionate, romantic, spiritual, nasty, BDSM, & more - all ages, all bodies.

But I especially love tapping my sweet, sexy stern, Dom Daddy for the older 'boys'. They're so kind, grateful, & sweet. Your inner boy is embraced here, I've got you. I love sharing my liberated libido, cultivated carnal credentials, & sweet sincerity with gratitude for these are the fruits of their fight &/or what we all deserve but are often denied. Besides - it makes a hot & horny way to heal daddy issues from a homophobic patriarchy.

I am a highly trained sacred intimate and somatic sex & intimacy coach. I love to teach, learn, & enjoy. With advanced degrees in biology & psychology I will never stop learning in relevant realms. Decades of life & travels abroad provide insights from more sex-positive & progressive cultures.

I've heard it all, boy. I'm usually quite down & never - NEVER - judge. I said: I don't judge, Judy. MK?! Now, let me help you grow in more ways than one ;-)

Let's get on the phone & I can share my approach for your situation & scene. Book a free phone call at www.intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What are your hobbies, what do you like to do in your spare time?

A: -Nature is my Viagra: trampin', campin' glampin', hammockin' & manlickin'.
-I love pumpin' the bod - in the gym or in your bed.
-I'm a set designer to disguise any hotel room as a seductive fuck den with hues, tunes, & nude dudes. More cosy & saucy.
-Making playlists to get us in sync - from sultry to sinister, silky lovin' to butt pummelin'.
-I crave new adventures & effecting evolution - personal & cultural.
-I dig exploring, reading, learning, listening, making art, metamorphic moments.
-French films, dance floors, friend-dates, shows, bros, & who knows?

Some Faves:
-Nature: Hoyt’s Crossing, Angel Island, Nepal, New Zealand
-Books: Ishmael, Germinal, Jitterbug Perfume, Sex At Dawn, The Velvet Rage, Sapiens
-Movies: The Corporation, City of Lost Children, Fight Club, Avatar (eyeroll please ;-)
-Music: Progressive house, Detroit techno, breakbeat, K. Flay
-Cities: San Francisco, Edinburgh, Vancouver, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Chang Mai
-Destinations: Zipolite, Semuc Champey, Machu Picchu, Ko Rong, Annapurna, Zanzibar

Let's share interests in a free phone chat: https://www.intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: Let me hold you so we can breath together to drop into this space & each other. I stroke your head, our pressed chests heave slow & deep. The REAL you is safe & welcome - no judgment, no shame, no expectations from me.

Breathe. This is not a performance, this is playtime. We've one goal, boy: to feel good. So if it don't, just say so. No explanation needed.

Keep breathing. All requests are welcome, our boundaries are important to me. Good luck finding mine tho, kid!

To start, let me show you a quick practice to tune out of our minds & into our bodies for deeper connection & more arousal, sensation, pleasure & desire. Ten minutes to become embodied & entwined, when I ask: Now tell me what your body's saying? your heart? your dick? that hot ass?

Words become moans as we explore all the ways to pour ourselves into each other. Your wordsmith Papa can keep us in our bodies while turning up the turn-ons. Sexy talk optional.

I'd love to hear more about how you like to please your Daddy, boy. I got some ideas. Let's get on the phone & swap 'em in a free, private 1on1 phone chat to see how we might fit, fella: https://intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: Tell us about the best experience you have had in life.

A: Finding my calling as a sexual healer by transmuting trauma to empower a born-again bottom.

In the summer of grad school, 2016. After years of considering it, I finally tried this work just out of curiosity. Maybe a month or two to make some good stories for future days, I thought, before returning to my career path in the office.

But one day I met a man, late 50s, wanting to learn how to bottom. After years of talk therapy, he was still blocked by traumatic flashbacks of a past sexual assault and wanted my help at the next level. With a couple hours of gentle guidance, we found what he needs to bottom. And for the first time in ages, boy, did he bottom! Eyes spinning in ecstasy!

My heart swelled at his gratitude: "Every moment of intimacy from here forward will be in part because [of] you..."

I found my calling in this pivotal moment. I have since channeled my training & learning to hone my craft as a sexual healer. I've since catalyzed & witnessed some profound transformations. So pleasurable and it sure beats the office job!

Find out more about my approach specific to the healing you need by booking a free private phone call: https://intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What distinguishes you from all the other people you know?

A: I've been in your shoes, choosing pornstars for myself so I know, first hand, what sets me apart:
- FREE, first-hand, scientifically validated wisdom on How to Select Your Pornstar: www.intimateabundance.com/select
- A free initial phone call to get acquainted, discuss details, & answer all your questions
- I guarantee your satisfaction. For real. See www.intimateabundance.com/rm
- Nervous? I got you, babe. All kinda ways to calm you down before turning you on.
- Sultry lighting & horny tunes; porn if you like
- Sexy ways to check our inhibitions & get you deeper into your body, pleasure, & the moment
- My undivided attention; phone away
- Erotically educated with seriously advanced training for intimacy coaching
- Top notch talents in intimacy, intuition, touch, & technique that build:
- Passionate desire & arousal in BOTH of us
- Enthusiastically, authentically expressive in body, breath, grunt & growl
- Super hot verbal, responding to your arousal
- Playful with an original, well-timed, sense of humor
- Decades of tales of & wisdom from life & love from across the globe
- Expansive mobile toychest
- Find out more in a free phone call you can book at www.intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What would you say are your greatest attributes?

A: - Super hot Dom verbal dirty talk dialed directly in to your dick. And ass. Perceptive to shut it to listen or to indulge a well conjured erotic trance. It's all editable, babe. Subs get to co-create the scene too.
- I empower others with their desires, boundaries & words.
- I'm a deshamifying buddha who's real AF, empathetic, curious, & conversational.
- I'm warm & disarming so others feel comfortable, safe, & cared for.
- I'm perceptive & intuitive with verbal & nonverbal communication.
- I got smarts & learned tons, yo. Emotional-, relational-, & erotic-wisdom from 3 college degrees (BS Biology, MS Psychology), seriously sexy training certificates, & heaps of travels & trampin'.
- A stellar 'launchpad' face here. Sit on my gob for sloppy wet worship service that'll blast your backside blissfully to the stars, bro! This rimnotizing tongue slurps studbutt like a world champ master of the ass! Or skip this assetizer for:
- My massive main menu of cross-culturally cultivated carnal delights - all vers, all sexpert grade, from pristine to piggy style.
- I can share more relevant to your interests in a free phone consult: www.intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or are you more of a homebody?

A: Wanderlust first struck in 6th grade when I decided to sell bubblegum in class to escape the midwest with a vacation to sunny California. It took many months but eventually I had enough to join with my Grandma for 2 weeks and it inspired a life full of travels.

Since then I have lived & traveled abroad for 6+ years, with at least 2+ months on each continent across 60+ countries ('cept Antartica). I've a huge list of cool places I'd love to visit & revisit.

I love an adventure - cities, ruins, nature, beaches, cultures, history, hikes, museums, clubs, all of it! I'm an experienced, worldly travel companion in the bed & out. I’m resourceful & decisive with planning yet laid back & supportive to tag along.

I love the creative challenge of communicating when I don't speak the local language, even better when I get to use my fluent Spanish. I’m very comfortable almost anywhere and culture shock is exciting.

I love to swap travel stories. If you’re curious about a place ask me - I’ve prolly been there.

If you're looking for a fun, resourceful, travel companion, interpreter, or guide let's talk in a free phone chat to start: www.intimateabundance.com/travel

Q: What are your lifestyle specifics that makes who you are?

A: As a bohemian in a materialistic culture, I choose to prioritize exceptional life experiences both in & out of our pants. A growth mindset & attention to detail sharpens my ability to connect erotically & socially. The few objects I own aren't for 'status' but for a better experience. Sexy lighting, sexy beats, good sound, a porn machine, a kinky toychest. All mobile.

I live courageously & seize the year. "To be constrained by fear is my greatest fear." My queerness keeps me thinking outside the box with a birds' eye view. But I can slip by unnoticed, disguised as an average muggle when discretion is needed. I'm a deep thinker & a playful boy. I aim for great heights, but strive to accept what IS rather than resist what IS NOT. I am a fountain of love (most of the time). When undecided, I ask myself "what will make a more interesting story in the old folks home?"

My diet, exercise, meditation, & gratitude practices cultivate fitness, warmth, confidence, care, & presence. My age, education, & life experience helps me understand the wounded child within others.

I want the best for you, even if that's not me. A free phone chat is our next step: https://intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: If we sat on the beach and drank wine and ate great food just you and I, what would you tell me about yourself and your life?

A: I would first ask you about yours because I'm fascinated by people's stories. Then I'd look over into your golden hour gaze with my mischievous smirk and marvel, "Look at us: 2 cute dudes on a beautiful beach with yummy wine & food?!?! We're better off than the Roman emperors! That ain't even counting when I get to that dessert you're sitting on, young man!"

I'm pretty privileged & fortunate compared to so many folks across the globe & history. I'm so grateful for this amazing life. We all have our struggles, & I certainly have had my own. But, "from manure do flowers grow." Sometimes those flowers ain't worth the shit, but the shit already done happened, dude, no stuffing it back up where it came from. But we can choose, instead, to focus on the flowers.

Just sitting on a beach here in California means I have it pretty damn good. Even better that I'm sitting here with you, kid ;-)

Obvi got more to say on the subject, but let's start acquainting with a free phone call: https://intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What should others absolutely know about you?

A: Ima take good care of you, boy. I've lived long time & learned to bliss a boy or two. I've searched the world, hella studies & hella studly's to perfect my craft of creating some sweetly connected transformational intimacy for BOTH of us.

I've been privileged & fortunate with love in life, & love to soak in it with you. Romantic, passionate, powerplay, &/or spiritual - any flavor you like. This is top-shelf cock-in-your-tail, baby. Or cock-in-my-tail if you like, I am vers afterall. Make me proud, boy ;-)

Good looks are everywhere. Good lovers aren't. Tons of young Adonis here w/o the life experience & education to offer more than young taut & 'tude.

It takes skill & time to create a mind-blowing erotic encounter - building the arousal with connection, longing, anticipation, & serious sexytime talents.

The UberCox elevated erotic experience I am known for requires a minimum of 2 hours so we don't have to watch the clock. And your satisfaction is guaranteed and I mean it. Ask me all about it & anything else in a free phone chat: https://intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What do you enjoy most about yourself?

A: So glad I don't take life, nor sex, so damn seriously. I mean let's be real - I can love with a lighthearted laugh the ridiculousness of some of my own desires - like butt licking. Why I wanna tongue-fuck your fart box, dude? Don't make no sense, don't care, just twirl on my tongue, tasty boy.

Hot verbal is my talent - but it's all improv. We love bloopers on TV, why not in bed? "Jam that bro-hole, dude!" Now, too much laughter can kill the mood, & I am serious when needed. But let's lighten up those burdensome sexpectations we set on ourselves. Let's tap our inner playful kid while sexxin' like horny adults, right?

I enjoy my balance of youthful, playful, uninhibited fun with grounded, mature wisdom. Passionate, yet laid back. I am authentic, optimistic, and can find something sweet & sexy about nearly anyone. I can connect with & enjoy adults of any age, gender, or body type.

I love most kinda sexxin' - very few boundaries left these days & always hot alternatives. Let's talk fun, sexpectations, & satisfaction guarantee in a free call: https://intimateabundance.com/rm

Q: What are 5 things you can’t live without?

A: 1. INTIMACY: mental, spiritual, & sexual - friends, family, lovers, yummy boys.

2. MEANING: Contributing joyfully, passionately, & steamily to the erotic liberation & evolution of myself & my lil bros.

3. INDULGENCE: Regularly feasting on a healthy variety of fanciful foods & delectable dudes. Twirl on my tongue for dessert, I wanna taste that rotisserie booty, pig.

4. EXERCISE + GROWTH: for the body, heart, mind, & spirit. Meditating, learning, working out, yoga. Hey bro, get me swole & I'll stretch your hole. Your love muscle that is ;-)

5. LOVE AU NATURALE: Frequent doses of nature w/ outdoor lovins. Sunshine stud-slurpin' & moonlit man-rammin'. Places where a boy can pull his Daddy's dick out for some fresh air & wet worship. On your knees. Pull 'em off and free willy, boy. Now work. We can tuck it away when we are ready to fuck it away. While we frolic the fields, walk the woods, swim the streams, bang the gangs, & hang the hammocks. I told you I don't forget my hammock & it fits 2, babe. Climb in to be my little spoon & I'll give you a good fork ;-)

Let's talk some more in a free intro call you can book here: https://intimateabundance.com/rm

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