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My Pornstar Interview
Your kinky jock extraordinaire here; from grappling on the mats, solo hikes in bear country, and logging the untamed PNW, I love a WILD adventure! I focus on my work as a professional kinkster while enjoying genuine connections. Whether you are looking to go on a fun adventure, a romantic experience, or want to explore some of your deepest fantasies, I am here for it all! I provide a judgment free experience; all are welcome to have a great time! Based out of San Francisco; currently touring!
Q: How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or are you more of a homebody?

A: I absolutely love San Francisco where I am currently based out. Between my good friends, the community, the food, and my abode, I truly do enjoy being home. Funnily enough, I kept visiting San Francisco and ended up moving after my 4th trip there. When I am traveling, I also tend to miss my bicycle that I often put 120+ miles on weekly.

I do like to travel however. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and moved to Forks, Washington when I was 20 to pursue my dreams of being a logger as well as living in Olympic National Park. In my road trip, that totaled 4,065 miles, I explored many small towns, some cities, and 4 national parks. I have done many road trips throughout the U.S.

I have always loved exploring what else this world has to offer . Sometimes I travel by train, boat, plane, or car. I love seeing cityscapes to landscapes. Sometimes I would pack my carryon bag and skateboard and would skate around a new city and meet new people, other times I would take a train through the US and enjoy the views.

I love a nice healthy balance of travel and staying home. If I didn’t live in San Francisco, I probably would be traveling a lot more honestly.

Q: What is your specialty?

A: I would say my niche is being that Friendly Neighborhood Kinkster. I often travel with some kink gear, like floggers, restraints, toys, and many other fun tricks. I have a wide variety of kinks as well that I always happy to explore, and open to others if someone has one I am not familiar with. I am also a proud affiliate and model of Mr. S Leather that is based in San Francisco and you can see me in some of their products, as you can tell by the pictures in my profile.

I am 100% judgement free and absolutely love seeing my partner’s excitement as we explore their fantasies. Also, if anyone wants to experience some kinky fun but unsure where to start, I am happy to discuss with them and have a session that can rock their world.

As your kinky jock extraordinaire, I will light that fire under your feet with my bag of gear.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I do a fair bit for fun. Between cycling up in the Marin Headlands or Mount Diablo, scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas, as well as long boarding down some sweet roads in San Francisco. I do a lot of fun adventures and enjoy doing them. I am starting to reconnect with what I do enjoy doing as well. I also enjoy going out at night sometimes, but often leave before everyone else. I also have fun by smoking a joint in my hammock at a park or going to the nude beach & hanging with friends.

Q: What would you like your readers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?

A: First off, if you would like to follow me more, my X and Instagram are both linked to the website in my ad. I am happy for everyone to follow me and enjoy watching my journey.

I would like for all of my followers to know that I am 100% real, genuine, and a little ball of light. I am on a journey to hopefully become a staple in the gay and kink community as a whole. Between my private sessions for hire, creating videos for all that want to see me having fun, as well as advocating for a more accepting and inclusive community.

My overall goal is to see everyone happy, accepted for who they are, as well as having a good time. It will take time but I would really like to start fundraising for certain non profits for our community, as well as hopefully many other things that get me into volunteering and community work.

I have started this journey in sex work, professionally the beginning of 2024 and I have been able to come so far in such a little time and I cannot wait to see where I am by the end of the year.

My biggest goal of this year and next is to create my own team for Aids Life Cycle and be able to fundraise a lot for it, and hopefully my followers will be able to help.

Q: What are 5 things you can’t live without?

A: I have many things in my everyday life that I could not live without but my top 5 are Music,Friends, Community, Nature, and Traveling.
I am a super big fan of music, I am always listening to it, from my six hour long cycling journeys, to working online, to hanging with some DJ friends and listening to them mix and create audio files. I have a very diverse range of music as well.

Traveling and exploring new landscapes, from Acadia, Maine, to Olympic National Park (where I used to live) makes me reconnect with nature which many of us take for granted. It allows me to realize how small we are in the grand scheme of things as well as seeing how beautiful life truly is when you get out of the “rat race” as we are usually all caught up in.

I also feel that my friends as well as the community I belong to as a whole truly allows me to be myself. Without my friends and mentors, I would not be where I am today. They have helped me through the lowest lows and I have been able to have some of the best times at my peaks with them because of it. Also, community I belong to truly has allowed me to be accepted for who I am and I absolutely want that for everyone in life, to not be judged.

Q: What distinguishes you from all the other people you know?

A: I truly believe what makes me stand out from the crowd is who I am and my background. I used to be a tree climber, heavy equipment operator, and logger. I also have had many other jobs in between. I also love the outdoors, wether it is a backpacking adventure in Montana or a kayak journey down a river. I refer to myself as a “Kinky Jock” as part of who I am is a jock, between the outdoor activities but there is also the other side of me being that “friendly community kinkster” that people can hire to explore some fantasies with as well as let loose and have a good time. I stand out as a masculine, outdoorsy man that can go from a rigorous hike and then show up to a nice restaurant at night.

Q: What do you enjoy most about yourself?

A: What I enjoy most about myself is absolutely how free spirited I am. I have been able to overcome a lot in the past few years, moved to San Francisco, and now travel a bit. I have been able to “start over” two times since graduating high school and truly living my best life now. I am usually solo-traveling, going on some pretty wicked adventures, as well as many days just on my bike cycling. I enjoy how simple yet sophisticated I can be. I am super personable, traveling to 31 different states since I was eighteen. With my travels to many places, rural or urban, I have been able to talk, discuss, and get to know many people. I truly love meeting new people, getting to know their story and life, as well as staying connected long term and seeing how they are doing in life. Whether they are a stranger that has showed me around their town as I was traveling, or an artist that I sold (4) WW2 anti submarine buoys up in Maine, or even my clients. I absolutely love that I have so many life experiences at my young age and truly enjoy staying connected with people throughout life.

Q: What kind of diet and fitness regimen do you follow?

A: I follow a pretty good fitness regiment and diet. When it comes to fitness, you can often find me cycling all around the Bay Area of California when I am home. When I am away from my bike, I try to get some jogging or running in to make up for it. I also really do enjoy skating, hiking, backpacking, kayaking as well as unicycling. I live a more “adventure” lifestyle getting most of my fitness through sports than the gym. As for my diet, it varies but you often catch me eating a wide range of foods from nice restaurants. I am a foodie and love indulging in good food that is fresh and healthy. I am also a big fan of farmers markets and try to get as much food as I can from local farmers. If you follow my Instagram, you will often see me posting pictures of my meals as well.

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