RickyP's Pornstar Interview

My Pornstar Interview
Hi guys, always horny guy next door here, who loves to have a good time. I can get into many different scenes depending what gets you off. I am passionate, friendly, and love meeting new people. My stats are 6'2, 160, bubble butt, well hung thick and completely versatile. I love kissing and giving massages. Available for overnights and travel- multi hour discounts are available. All ages and body types welcome.
Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I love biking and hiking and love to travel.

Q: How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or are you more of a homebody?

A: I travel as much as I possibly can. I love to travel. While I very much enjoy staying home with a nice meal and a bottle of wine, travel always excites me too!

Q: What kind of diet and fitness regimen do you follow?

A: I work out about 5 days a week at the gym; mostly weight lifting. I also bike quite a bit. For diet, I love all vegetables and a good visit to the farmers market.

Q: What are your lifestyle specifics that makes who you are?

A: I am what people would describe as an active person.

I am originally from a small, rural town where nothing much ever happened, so I had to go out and make things happen for myself.

I crave adventure and I'd love for you to join me...

Q: What would you like your readers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?

A: I was born in Louisiana. Even though I love New York, the south still feels like home. I still fantasize about living there again one day. Who knows? And if you ask nicely, I will lay on my affected Southern accent!

Q: If we sat on the beach and drank wine and ate great food just you and I, what would you tell me about yourself and your life?

A: I would tell you how happy I feel to be in this moment with you. I would also tell you to pour me another glass and enjoy those waves.

Q: What should others absolutely know about you?

A: I am a high energy and loving person who lik s to make other people feel wonderful! My friends are the most important things in my life!

Q: What do you enjoy most about yourself?

A: My relaxed and laid back demeanor disguise the passion and intensity of my sexuality. I love trying new things, and am always having a great time!

Q: What are 5 things you can’t live without?

A: Iced tea, the beach, the mountains, my family and friends.

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