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GQMADE's Pornstar Interview

My Pornstar Interview
I'm the Nice guy with a nasty side.
Well educated and polite. I like reading, traveling, and finding myself on unexpected adventures.
preferred scene- body worship.
Having Great hygiene is MANDATORY!
I'm attracted to well mannered, polished individuals like myself.
passionate and can be anything from mild to dominant.
I like to sit back and watch you enjoy every inch of me.
GET ON YOUR KNEES!WORSHIP MY DICK, BALLS, and anything else you can fit your mouth on.
Q: Tell us about the best experience you have had in life.

A: BY FAR, it has to be The moment I held my nephew for the first time.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, if you were to pick something what would you like others to absolutely know about you?

A: I Give Great advice.

Q: How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or are you more of a homebody?

A: no often but when I do the journeys are long and adventurous.

Q: What is your specialty?

A: My niche is Fantasy and intimacy Combined.

Q: What are your lifestyle specifics that makes who you are?

A: FITNESS, FASHION , AND being NAKED every now and then .

Q: What would you like your readers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?

A: Im the best you'll ever book.

Q: What would you say are your greatest attributes?

A: My Adaptability and compatibility are great traits that help me get along with others.
My Drive and determination that help keep me going no matter what.
My Compassion and understanding thats help me relate well to others.

Q: What are your hobbies, what do you like to do in your spare time?

A: My hobbies are exercising., drawing , and crossword puzzles. In my spare time I love to cook. I wouldn’t call myself a master, but Julia Child has taught me a thing or two. I’m always looking for new recipes and new techniques to try out, which is so easy to do these days thanks to the Internet. I really like keeping my family and friends guessing what the next masterpiece or disaster will be.

Q: How do you go the 'Extra Mile' in your life?

A: Going the extra mile in my life means never leaving a stone unturned.

Q: What do you do for fun?


Q: If we sat on the beach and drank wine and ate great food just you and I, what would you tell me about yourself and your life?

A: If i am truly honest with you i will talk about the best parts of my life. My school, my classmates. The kind of fun we used to have when life was simpler. There was no burden, the childish innocence and the beautiful college memories.
Maybe i will talk about the missed opportunities in life. Some regrets, some lost companions, some failed love stories. I will talk about the beautiful souls i met, and then the hurt of seeing them change in front of my eyes. How job and responsibilities quickly alter someone’s nature and their theory of life. I will talk about the world, the many mysteries it with holds.

Trust me it will be a long night! :)

Q: What should others absolutely know about you?

A: The most important thing you should know about me is…
I have respect, I’m a chill person.
Im shy and quiet and I LOVE to laugh.

Q: What are 5 things you can’t live without?

A: 5 things I can't live without ....hmmm.!
My sanity , My peace, My Religion , My prayers..... and REESE CUPS! lol

Q: What distinguishes you from all the other people you know?

A: hmmmm. Majority of the time my big ass is taller than everybody lol
You can't miss me lol

Q: What kind of diet and fitness regime do you follow?

A: I eat clean...... right along with everything else in the fridge !
the gym is definitely my safe haven though.

Q: What do you enjoy most about yourself?

A: My personality !
I can literally make myself laugh all day.


Location: New York City, NY
I am traveling to:
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