ETHAN_VERS's Pornstar Interview

My Pornstar Interview
Strong, sexy, smart American MAN with Brazilian blood. The perfect, wild combination to provide you with intense passion, strength, and genuine kindness. I like to have fun! Down for anything ;)

I am EXTREMELY FIT. This fitness allows me to perform with an UNBEATABLE ASS and HARD DICK in any scenario. Whatever your dream is, I can be. I am a SUPER HORNY, SUPER ADAPTABLE, but most importantly a VERY LOVING GUY.

From wild moments to special trips-every single second with me will be awesome.
Q: What do you do for fun?

A: LAUGH! Anything with anyone that has me smiling. Preferably laughing out loud, for as long of periods of time as possible. Happiness and laughter will cure, solve, and enhance everything!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, if you were to pick something what would you like others to absolutely know about you?

A: I care. I love. I enjoy. And, I'm not sorry for being me.

Q: How do you go the 'Extra Mile' in your life?

A: Life is a long game. Life is the extra mile. It's not about winning every battle, it's about winning the war.

Q: Tell us about the best experience you have had in life.

A: ASK ME-- in person, because my truly best moment was historic, but very personal. I couldn't possibly explain it in "1500 characters"

Q: What distinguishes you from all the other people you know?

A: I can talk to anyone, without any worry or fear of awkwardness or discomfort. I am a connector.

Q: What would you say are your greatest attributes?

A: Smile, Heart, Legs.

Q: What is your specialty?

A: Compassion, and the belief that it is superior to other gifts, talents, or blessings.

Q: How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or are you more of a homebody?

A: I travel constantly, and I'm addicted to it. I travel more than anyone I've ever met, almost. Last year I visited more than 20 countries in 12 months. Travel is really my most consistent romance... I love it.

Q: What kind of diet and fitness regime do you follow?

A: I workout twice a day (and sex doesn't count!). I do this because it makes me excellent. I love the feeling of taking care of my body, because it takes care of me. And when I am good, I can take care of others.

Q: What would you like your readers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?

A: I'm a true pisces. Deep, dreamy, and emotional. I can be sensitive, but it's a fair price to pay for how deeply loving I am.

Q: What are your lifestyle specifics that makes who you are?

A: I am a natural athlete, in and out of bed. ;) I workout twice a day not to look a certain way, but because I LOVE my body. This energy is incredibly precious, and I honor it. I have never taken substances to alter my body, and I stay fit by eating well a majority of the time. I feel connected to my inner animal. I am an animal. This applies to all areas of my life.

Q: What should others absolutely know about you?

A: KINDNESS is my biggest strength. Although I posses MANY other qualities... Kindness is more important to me than sexiness, intelligence, money, passion, etc.

Being kind is so rare in this world. There could not be too much of it. I am here in this world to do the best I can, while being the kindest person I can be.

Q: What do you enjoy most about yourself?

A: My ability to ADAPT. I am as kind as I am naughty, I am as sexy as I am sweet. and I am as wild as I am loving. I have found myself finding joy in so many different places and ways around this planet, and I have observed that this is unique to my personality. I am meant to be around people, and to connect with them.

Q: What are 5 things you can’t live without?

A: HOT SHOWERS, Soft blankets, fresh avocado, Belgian chocolate, and any/all of my friends.

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Location: Dubai, UAE
I am traveling to:
15 Jul - Jul 23 Minneapolis, MN
23 Jul - Jul 25 New York City, NY
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