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Greetings Mates,

Contact me by TEXT message.

Thanks for stopping by. If you are looking for a memorable experience; then I am your guy.
I love exploring all areas of your body and sexuality. I have strong sensual hands and a flexible body. Excitedly easy-going, fun-loving companion for travel, dinners, or special events. I can accommodate any adventure or be the one to fulfill your fantasy and kinky fetishes. I'm a leatherman (you can call me Daddy).

I'm based out of St. Louis but I am always traveling. You can be my destination.

A short text mentioning you found my ad, the time you would like to meet, whether you’d like to host or travel, and how many hours you’d like will help me, help speed up the process.

I enjoy spending my time making sure you’re p.s.p. (Pleased,satisfied and pleasured).
  • Excellent

    Reviewed by menpoppingtoys, 10 Nov, 2018
    Trusted RentMen Client since 26 Dec, 2017

    Time Spent: 2 hours
    Ambience: Outcall
    Are Photos Accurate? Yes they are
    Recommend? Yes, definitely
  • Excellent

    Reviewed by HrnyBtm, 17 Feb, 2018
    Trusted RentMen Client since 15 Apr, 2017

    Time Spent: 1 hour
    Ambience: Very relaxing
    Are Photos Accurate? Yes they are
    Recommend? Yes, definitely

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Location: Clarksville, KY
I am traveling to:
22 Oct - Oct 22 Palm Springs, CA
04 Oct - Oct 07 Des Moines, IA
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