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My Pornstar Interview
I'm 100% vers and prefer to flip. I'm a grower and a shower little over 8inches (REAL 8in) uncut and FATTT!!! Prefer wild over mild with a lot of body contact and passion. I'm into no stress, going with the flow, testing the waters and pushing boundaries. You name it and I probably already tried it or willing to try it at least once. If you're looking for a quick 1-on-1 or a no-stress good time with a mature well-educated gentleman who can hold a conversation? well, I'm your guy!

- Please think before you speak and come with respect if you expect the same
- NO PHONE SEX or call asking a ton of sex questions (yes I know you have a tight hole and my big cock might not fit and that I’m gonna have to go slow)
- I can drive to you or host in HOLLYWOOD
- Parking is not an issue (gated driveway)
- Host in a VERY LARGE PRIVATE HOUSE so no nosey neighbors
- communication is a key factor in making sure this all plays out smoothly
- No egos, attitudes, entitlements just come with an open mind, heart and good intentions and I PROMISE You we will have one of those experiences that if and when your “LIFE PASSES BEFORE YOUR EYES” our time together will definitely be one of those GREAT MOMENTS!

We both have a type let's respect that, I live and work back-and-forth between Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Miami and Los Angeles. Traveling is a HUGE part of my life (guys with passports to the front of the line) worked and visited over 32 countries (and counting) and have added extra pages to my passport twice. I own business which I am blessed to say is successful. So any support and constructive criticism are always appreciated. I also spend a lot of my time trading stocks, BITCOIN!!! and have worked extra hard in my life to get where I am in this very moment.

I'm blessed to have lived what I lived, met who I've met and be able to live a life that I have structured to help others and simultaneously learn from those who I encounter!
Q: How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or are you more of a homebody?

A: As I said before I have live, visited, vacationed or worked Out of 32 countries (and counting) and I’ve had to have extra pages in my passport twice. And if there’s one thing I know about life is how to travel successfully

From my experiences the times that I had the most fun are the times I was alone (now this doesn’t mean that I prefer to travel alone) I just I noticed when I travel alone I tend to make very strong genuine relationships with people I meet along my journeys. I tend to not have an agenda or itinerary because I like my days to be organic and setting expectations tends to make people argue stress out and sometimes ruin trips and vacations because these schedules.

People who are introverted hate traveling with me as they are the type of people who overpacked, don’t do things that the tour guide didn’t suggest And are the people that overpacked their suitcase with that agenda I was talking about that screams “hey look at me I am that snobby rich American you should take advantage of”

There has been so many times I woken up in my hotel room With my phone/wallet in my pocket and alive lol only to go through my phons pics to figure out how amazing my night was!

Q: If we sat on the beach and drank wine and ate great food just you and I, what would you tell me about yourself and your life?

A: Hummm don’t really know because it all depends on the person and how long you have know each other. But since on the beach subject.... I live back-and-forth Between Los Angeles California (Hollywood), Miami Beach Florida (South Beach) and Rio de Janeiro Brazil (Ipanema). All beach cities But Hollywood is where I call home base.

Q: What should others absolutely know about you?

A: I am genuinely a nice guy... I’m honestly am an open book, what you see is what you get and you can bet ill be the same person in the future that i am today. I've learned to live alone, laugh alone, love myself and only have expectations set for myself and although I am a BIG people person my happiness is not dependent on anyone other than myself!

I was in a situation a few years ago where a very special person gave their life when it should have been me who was supposed to die that day. I watched their heroic action and felt their energy leave their body. I was awoken that day and made a promise to myself to live a life of NO REGRET.

Yes you have a pretty car, oh WOW what a nice house you have (and/or) you are sooo lucky to have all that money in your bank account but why do you feel so unhappy? Yes I like you work hard to have nice things to live a prosperous life but what truly impress’s me is when those things are not what make up a man nor does he use them to impress others because he impresses others with the genuine person that he truly is deep inside his heart and mind!

Q: What do you enjoy most about yourself?

A: I always look on the bright side of a situation even when the bright side is VERY minimal! I think before i speak and people rearly phase me when coming at me with negativity. I am confident that I am a good guy, a great friend to those who matter and definitely am the type of guy who brings a lot to the table. I’m definitely the person people want on their team, the guy who is chosen first as opposed to the guy who is chosen last. I have the gift of gab and am that guy that always breaks the ice or clears the tension in a room with my awkwardness and ability to make some smirk and realize we are all human and feeling just as nervous as they are.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I find the fun in everything that I do. I easily adapt and learn quickly. Experiancing new experiances or cultuers but above all I love helping others! I’ve become a little more selective on the people I consider to be “close friends” and have really learned how to speak my mind and really express what it is I’m feeling in that current situation and not just hold it in and let it ruin my experience or the experience of others because I become detached for the situation and it causes a tension so thick in the air that it seriously does develop a physical energy that everyone can feel.

I’ve come to find out that people can be very detached from their very own self-centeredness (we are all self centered) and sometimes need help realizing that sometime our connection to others would be much more enjoyable if we focused on a mutual understanding that we are all the same and that in order to be come better we must communicate to each other especially the things people are doing wrong! I always say “How am I suppose to become a better person in this life if no one is telling me what it is that I’m doing wrong?”

Q: What are your hobbies, what do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I own a coorporation and have built my (successful) business from the ground up... I work hard, and love meeting people who have good advice or people who just want to help out... I also trade stock and mine for bitcoin which i have tought myself how to do both through YouTube. DJ-ing is a skill I picked up through Film school that i’m Currently tapping into more and educating myself to see where it can take me on my free time. Also if you can skateboard (cruis-bored) let me know if your down to smoke a joint and cruise down Venice Beach, Hollywood Boulevard or any place for that matter. Also (a little shy to say) recently discovered my passion for planting/gardening (think I picked up my green thumb from my grandmother) I’m shocked how meditating it is. You name the fruit or veggie and I am probably growing it and not just 1 but 3 kinds/verity of it. Recently found out that carpentry is a great skill I have especially since buying my first home (in Hollywood) I more of a “Learn it, Do it and Fit it myself” kinda guy.

Q: What are 5 things you can’t live without?

A: 1) My passport! as i mention in my profile travel plays a big role in my life. Have worked and visited over 32 countries (and counting) and have had extra pages put in my passport twice!

2) I write EVERYTHING down which has helped me in more that a few ways starting with becomeing a better bussiness man which is why I always carry a little black leather book pen/stylus

3) Hummm I know it’s not Physical but I’m gonna say my intuition because I find myself getting older and more "intune" with myslef, my connections with others and what i learn from them no matter who i meet or if our experience is good or bad i always try to learn something from everyone that I meet. Sometimes I find myself realizing that what I lean plays a big role on who I am becoming and those life experiences help me come a better role-model for those who look up to me

4)MY ALONE TIME! So I can reassess and THINK / BREATH / and smoke a joint .... ENOUGH SAID LOL!

5) My dog, she is 14 years old (human years) and has traveled the whole world with me... and fyi im not one of these guys who treats there do like human babay. My grandmother say she a lucky Bitch (LoL get it Bitch = definition of female dog)

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