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Interested in meeting a boy who you can have both sexual and intellectual an amazing time with? On my trips to cities in Europe, the US and Asia and working in the tech scene I learned a lot over the last years - and I am always happy to share stories and knowledge, while having a relaxed quality time together.
Want to go further?:P I love beeing a good bottom, who makes sure you have an amazing time ^.^ open to kinky dates as well ;)
  • Excellent

    Reviewed by hardcharger, 07 Aug, 2018
    Trusted RentMen Client since 09 Sep, 2016

    Time Spent: Overnight
    Ambience: Very relaxing
    Are Photos Accurate? Yes they are
    Recommend? Yes, definitely

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Location: San Francisco, CA
I am traveling to:
04 Apr - Apr 05 Seattle, WA
21 Mar - Mar 26 Boston, MA
15 Apr - Apr 20 Barcelona, Spain
19 Apr - May 09 Berlin, Germany
26 Mar - Mar 29 New York City, NY
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